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Introduction: Touch of Malice Replica ( WIP )

I'm a great fan of Bungies mmo shoter "Destiny" and often thought about creating one of its weapons.

Well, because there are already a couple of cool props, I was searching for an object, that haven't been re-buildet yet. Out of this reason, I made a decision and choose the "Touch of Malice" or "Boshafte Berührung", how it is namend in german.

The 3d Model is basend on the originial ingame model and parcitually recreated in 3ds max.

I sliced the model in different parts and that's the point where I want to start my detailed description..

Step 1: Printing Parts

When I started to build up, the 3d model, I once came to a point, where I got a little bit lazy, so I only used simple straight cuts to separate the different parts.

I sliced the model in several sections in lateral axis and made a big one over the whole long axis. With this action, I got 12 parts per side, and 24 altogether. Each part measures between15 and 20 cm at Y and X axis and about 0.7 to 5 cm for Z.

Most parts were printed with a border of 6 mm and a 15% of fill.

Step 2: Drawfile, Filling & Sanding... a Lot of Sanding

As you can see on the picture, I used slightly rough settings to print the parts, to save time.

Particularly at soft transitions between surfaces, the settings cause an accrue of messy couture lines, which have to be filed off, to get an smooth model.

I started with different types of key files and switched to sandpaper, when the couture lines were vanished.

In particular at the blade parts, I used a two-component polyester putty, to fix some holes.

Step 3: Assembly

To stick my part together, I used a power glue for the length.

After I started to work outside and tried to get both cross sections together, the glue lost it's consistency at the bridge parts, between knife and that alientech-center-part.

To avoid breaking apart in further steps at those weak spots, I created some sheaths. To get them in place, I had to separate the junctions, clean them and stick them together again.

This time and because of the huge areas, I used a thin layer of epoxy resin.

Step 4: Creating the Shape

When I started to recreate the 3d model, I had to ask myself, if I really want to print out all parts of the original model. As you already have seen, I make my decision to "NO WAY". Too much material and time.

There for, I created those jetties between front and center part and now, after the part were combined, I chose polystyrene to create the shape.

First I used the contour of the jetties and connecting pieces which I easily transferred to the polystyrene with a colored pen.
After that, I used a electric cutter to bring the holes into the material.

After finishing this step for both parts, I glued the polystyrene parts together.

I created the shape free-handed, when the glue was dry. It was sliced out in thin layers, to avoid an accidentally wreck by making a big wrong cut.

It took a couple of hours and I really was glad, when I was done with this part.

Step 5: Laminating

The next step was not very complicated. I used a 400 g glass fiber fabric and again, the 2 component epoxy resin, to laminate the polystyrene.

This part is important, to get a high solidity. Of course, those polystyrene parts finally will be covered by leather and fabric, and don't need some vanish over all. Even, if this model only is something to put into a rack, I guess, I want to take it out and of course, any visitor will do it like me.

Step 6: WIP - That Means, I'm Not Ready Yet.

And here I am - The model is laminated and ready for the next layers of putty, sanding, varnishing and sewing and I will try, to get all of it done, in next week.

I hope that you had some fun and maybe got some ideas for own projects. For questions, just leave a comment, and C&C welcome.

Keep in Touch.

Best regards,


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    3 years ago

    Hey do you want to share the stl files with us ?


    3 years ago

    Are you going to share the stl files?


    4 years ago

    that's awesome I'm a fan of destiny as well as for there servers not so much.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Hi &
    thanks a lot.

    I sadly
    know the pain of bungies servers. I wish, they would invest some money in
    dedicated servers and/or create a red
    line pvp section to spare our nerves.
    Let’s c what will happen (hopefully) nxt year in Destiny 2… Hope dies last