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Hello ! This is my first Instructable, but I am watching at these crazy projects on this site since there was about 400 "how-to"s... I remember Radiodenthal(?) without his butterfly ;-)

Well, this project tells my way to install a Towel bar in the bathroom, for an overall price under $15. I wanted to have a way to hang towels but without having to purchase these so expensive bathroom elements we can see in Home Depot, or such shops. A 50cm Towel Bar usually costs more than 30$, and you are not sure the style of the element will exactly match the style of the elements already installed...

Step 1: Collect the Parts

For this project, I needed :
- existing useless bathroom elements that you can use for an another purpose
- aluminum axis
- sand paper
- (2) wing screws (vis papillon, en français), depicted in the image

Step 2: Prepare the Parts

In the order you want, you may have to :
- do a mopping of the aluminum axis using sand paper, because it might have die lines that may hurt your skin
- dismantle the spare useless existing bathroom elements, to be able to use them

Then, you have to drill two holes in the axis at the proper places, to allow a screw to pass through it.
!!! These holes must not go through the entire axis, so the finished product has a nice looking !!
The image shows what should be done and shouldn't...

Step 3: Holding the Bar

An Image is better than a thousands words. I used wing screws to hold my bar.

The image shows how the screw is installed. It seems easy, but the how to was pretty tricky. I needed a handle of a sweep to hold the wings inside the axis, while I was trying to catch the center of the wings with my screw... It took me half an hour to mount the two screws...

Step 4: Final Wall Mounting

This last step depends on the bathroom elements you have. But if you managed to go here, following these instructions, you must be able to mount it the wall.

When I was in the shop, I bought anti-rust paint to match the bronze color of my elements. But after i made a test on a sample of my aluminum axis and was very disapointed with the results, I abandonned that idea.

Very simple project, but I hope you liked it.



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    4 Discussions


    12 years ago

    You could also use this same technique to do a room dividing curtain wall. Since with those mounts you can put it very close to the ceiling.

    fungus amungus

    12 years ago

    Is there anything attaching it to the walls on the left and right?

    1 reply
    WalScrapfungus amungus

    Reply 12 years ago

    No. It hangs only with the mounts you see here. There were existing holes in the wall, and I did not want to do much wall reparing. I know the owner of our flat won"t be paying for anything, and I did not have any proper tool to do that... Moreover, I did not want something to hang at the ends. It can easily supports towels, but may support my weight ;-)


    12 years ago

    This is cool, maybe I'll show it to my family. The towel bar in the bathroom sucks.