Towel Hangar

Introduction: Towel Hangar

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Step 1: Draw an Idea on Paper

Item you need Paper Pencil Glue Scrollsaw or fretsaw Plywood Send paper Any colour spray paint Hand or electric drill wit 3mm beat Screw 2 Hook Towel ring

Step 2: Stick and Drill

After draw your idea on paper stick it on plywood size about 10"x8" using paper glue Then make hole using 3mm drill on part witch you want to cut out

Step 3: Cutout

Now cut out unwanted area witch you drilled in last step using scroll saw or handsaw I did used delta multi speed quick Chang scroll saw

Step 4: Paint

Now rub your craft on send paper to make it smooth Clean it with cloth or brush Then spray with primer and then choice of your colour let it dry

Step 5: Fix Towel Ring

Now make 3 hole 2 for fix on wall 1 for fix hook Fix hook at bottom hole and hang towel ring on it fit your craft on wall with 2 screw Now your homemade towel hangar is reddy Thank you for your time for looking my craft And sorry for any mistake in my English

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