Towmater Adirondack Chair




Introduction: Towmater Adirondack Chair


I made a child's size Adirondack chair from a used pallet. the seat height is 16" and the width is 18"The arm rest height at the front of the chair is 18" and that will go towards the back of the chair to level. I used 3 pallet boards for the seat which are about 3/12 or so inches wide with about 1/4" spacing between boards. The back rest will go up on what looks like a comfortable angle. Use one of the 2x' from the unused side of the pallet for the back rest to fasten to the chair arms. Made the solid deck across the back then and add some rails to make look like the tow truck. The wheels are not from a pallet but a repurposed 2x12 for 12" wheels.

I turned the piece over to the wife for the paint shop and she made it look like you see here.



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6 Discussions

very nice result mate! :-)

Awesome chair.

If you add the detailed instructions, you could get this featured (because it's definitely featured-ible material)! :)

That is SOOOO cute! Great job!!

This is adorable and a dream chair for any little boy (or girl)! I would love to see some detailed instructions so I could build one!!