Town Essentials Part One: House

Introduction: Town Essentials Part One: House

Hey guys! I'm going to show you how to start building your Minecraft town by showing you the "Town Essentials."

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Step 1: Find an Open Area

To start your town, you'll need to find an open area.

Step 2: Get Your Materials

Look at the pictures to see what materials you need.

Step 3: Make the Frame

I'm doing an 8x8 house made out of birch wood. You can use any wood you like.

Step 4: Fill in the Walls and Add Windows

Now you fill in the walls and put windows in. You also place some doors down now.

Step 5: Keep the Rain Out

Time to install the roof. Put wood (of your choice) stairs on top of the walls as shown in the pictures. Then use slabs or planks to fill in the top. (I used slabs)

Step 6: Install Flooring

You take the doors down and then mine the floor blocks of your house, including spaces where the doors were.

Step 7: Light It Up

Put fences as shown in pictures and put torches on top of them.

Step 8: Mark Your Property

Surround your house with fences. I made the fences 2 away from the side walls and 3 away from the back wall. I put them 5 away from the front wall. Then I made a 2x5 pathway in front of the doors. I then extended the pathway another block and put fence gates over the last blocks of the pathway.

Step 9: Make a Road

Extend your pathway another block and make a road with the same material as the pathway. Make sure the road is as long as your fence is. Also make sure it is 3 wide.

Step 10: Road Decor

Make a mail box by putting a chest on the right or left of the fence gates and putting a lever on the fence behind the chest. Then on the other side of the fence gates put a sign and make up an address. Then you make street lights by stacking two cobblestone walls, putting a redstone lamp, then a daylight sensor. Make sure the top of the daylight sensor is blue-ish. If you don't know how to just click the place button with that little cross pointed at the daylight sensor.

Step 11: Pretty House

Decorate the front yard with flowers. If you use 2 block flowers, put them by the fences with torches on top. Then place 1 block flowers sudo-randomly in the front yard. I made a farm in the back for a little extra food. For the inside, see pictures.

Step 12: Thanks!

If you liked this instructable, please tell me so in the comments. Also tell me if you want me to make a part 2!

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