Toy Car From Scrap 2x4

Introduction: Toy Car From Scrap 2x4

Have some scrap wood laying around? Make a toy car!

Step 1: Tools & Materials

1) About 1 foot of scrap 2x4
2) About 6" of 5/16" dowel
3) sand paper (not sure if that's tool or material)

1) saw (I used a saber saw, but a band saw would be better)
2) drill press (I used a drill, but a drill press would be better)
3) 9/32" bit
4) 11/32" bit (I used a 5/16, but I think 11/32 would have been better)
5) 1" circle cutter bit
6) rasp/file
7) rubber mallet
8) hammer
optional) handsaw (you may be able to find a better way to cut 2 1.5" thick wheels into 4 3/4" think wheels)

Step 2: Cut Car Shape and Wheels

1) sketch out something vaguely car shaped and cut it out
2) drill 2 holes for the axles either 5/16" or 11/32" - whatever is available to you - my 5/16" holes squeak
3) drill 2 circles with the 1" circle cutter
4) re-drill the holes in the centers with a 9/32" bit
5) be careful of your hands! use handsaw (or something better) to cut the 2 1.5" thick wheels into 4 3/4" thick wheels
6) cut the 5/16" dowel into 3" sections

Step 3: Sand EVERYTHING Down

Remove anything like a corner or splinter from the car and wheels.

Step 4: Put It Together

1) Use a hammer to get the 5/16 dowel into 1 wheel
2) Thread the dowel through the chasis
3) Use the rubber mallet to hammer the last 2 wheels on

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6 years ago on Introduction

That came out pretty nice. I particularly like how you've suggested tools to use for better-equipped Instructablers out there.