Toy Car Ring Box

This is a simple gift I made that became a big part of our lives, Truth of the matter I think to my fiancé this once toy car is worth more to her then the ring inside. The back story to this creation was I was broke an out of job and I didn’t have any money and of course its Christmas time, So I asked her what would you like for Christmas, and she said “make me something“. So on a shoe string budget I found this Die Cast Car for the right price. It was a annoying pull back toy so I spent the night it my room taking it all apart trying to take out all the guts. Once I had the toy empty I was final able to line the inside of the hood with felt and stuffing. So on the outside it looks like normal toy car but open the hood it was a ring box. Now this car is super important to my fiancé’ now because the day I got engaged to her I gave her the ring in the same box. Just so you all know I did ask her to marry me in The Home Depot. So on our wedding we are using the same little car for our wedding rings.



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    very creative--good luck for the couple--i bet a lot of girls wish for a creative endeaver such as this


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you for sharing this very romantic idea. I enjoyed reading the story behind it. Your future children and grandchildren will certainly share this story of love.