Toy Drum W/ LEDs

Introduction: Toy Drum W/ LEDs

Required Material:
- Solderless/Soldered breadboards
- Wires
- Solder
- Silicone
- Multimeter
- LEDs
- Toy drum
- LM339 chip (per chip schematic):
o One 10k pot
- 741-chip (per chip schematic):
o One 10k pot
o Two 47kohm resistors
o One 100kohm resistors
o One 1kohm resistors
o Two 10mf

1. Build out the 741-chip schematic onto a breadboard.
2. Double check your board to see if everything is in the right place (preferably have someone else check it if possible)
3. Check to see if it works by using the silicone to see if current is flowing through it.
- If it doesn’t work check the voltage through out the schematic to see if there was missed wiring somewhere.
4. Build out the LM339-chip schematic onto the same breadboard as your 741-chip schematic.
5. Do steps 2 & 3 again.
6. Begin to layout each of your schematics onto the Solderless breadboard.
- Depending on how many drum pads you have and how man LEDs you want attached to them, you need a set of one 741-chip & one LM339-chip schematic for each one. 
7. Start placing the pieces onto the solderless board
8. Repeat step 2
9. Begin soldering everything together (make sure the chips are not in while you solder or you can burn them out)
- Make sure you have clean soldering because you don’t want this to attach together if they are not suppose to be.
10.  Open up the electrical part of your toy drum and take a picture of it to have reference of what it’s suppose to look like when you put it back together.
11. Solder wires to the positive and negative sections that connect to each individual drum pad.
12. Close it all up when you’re done.
13. Solder wires onto the parts of the schematic where piece are attaching. (Like how it is in your diagram schematic)
-  Make sure crossing wires aren’t touching metal to metal because when you plug it into a battery it can blow everything out if things are touching that aren’t suppose to be.
14. Solder wires to represent you positive and negative for the battery then solder any pieces that need to be attached to those.
15. Solder drum wires onto you schematics.
16. Solder your LEDs to the proper sections of the schematic.
17. Solder Battery onto schematic.
18. Plug battery in and turn drums on. Test each pad and turn the Pots on your board to place the sensitivity of the LEDs and the intensity in which they will react to the touching of the drum pads.
19. Then you’re done.

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