Toy Dust Control Truck

My five year old loves playing in his sandbox making roads. Dust seems to be a big concern of his. After searching for almost a year for a toy dust control truck, I decided to make my own.  Bruder makes some very nice trucks. We have a few.  His log truck was the most worn of the bunch.  I found a new one to replace his and then I got to work on the old.  Also, my wife had a hand soap dispenser that seemed to disappear....

Other parts I used were a pretzel container, hot glue, tie wraps, a 1" rubber stopper, heat shrink tubing, some plastic pipe as a spacer, a push button switch, 6" of reflective tape, a 4 AA battery pack(3 AA pack shown) and a take out container for a test fit.

Things I'd change if I could do it over again.  I used epoxy,  hot glue would have worked and smelled better.  Putting some ping pong or ball pit balls in the tank (BEFORE gluing the lid on) to keep the weight down would also have been a good plan.  Finding someone who can paint better than I can might have been good too.   All and all he is happy and it works.

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