Toy Kitchen From Pallet Wood

Introduction: Toy Kitchen From Pallet Wood

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For Christmas this year my girls wanted a toy kitchen. Sterling Davis (a fellow YouTube woodworker) hosted the Pallet Upcycle Challenge. what better reason to make a toy kitchen out of pallet wood?

Check out the video for the most comprehensive look at the build that I can give you. I did not take pictures, so I cannot really walk you through it step by step.

What I can give you is a list of tools and materials I used in this project:


  • Pallet(s) - I did not use a euro pallet but a non-standard one, and I was lucky that it turned out to be large enough for this project. You can substitute any other form of lumber, depending on what you have on hand.
  • Nails - kind of finishing nails, as well as some originals from the pallet itself.
  • Pocket hole screws - for, well, pocket hole joinery.
  • Wood glue - you can probably guess what that is for.


  • Pallet Pal - designed by Izzy Sawn this is a great tool for dismanteling pallets. Prybar and hammer would work as well, though.
  • Sander - to flatten the boards slightly. My pallet was pretty flat to begin with, you might need a planer so work with more bent stock.
  • Table saw - to cut the pieces to size. A circular saw, bandsaw, jigsaw or handsaw would work as well. For the resawing part, though, I think only table saw and bandsaw can do the trick.
  • Hammer - to drive the nails in. Way more fancy than a brad nailer.
  • Pocket hole jig - to make, well, pocket holes.
  • Clamps - to keep things in place while the glue sets.

My girls love it, so maybe the child in your life might, too! Let me know what you think!

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    cute mate. they will love it