Toy K'nex Gun TR8-2018




Introduction: Toy K'nex Gun TR8-2018

Formerly known as KILLERK and K'nex_Lego_Maniac

Step 1: Turret

Step 2: Misc

Step 3: Body

Step 4: Handle

Step 5: Stock

Step 6: Firing Pin

Step 7: Finish



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I had to use a different version of the turret because I ran out of the two prong gray

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How did everything work out for you!? Hope the instructions were easy to follow and the build works well!

I still find it amusing all the effort you went through to make that striker. Like, how did you even think to do all the things you did? At that rate, I feel like implementing a NAR-esque or rail system would be better. Not that the pin is over-the-top, but it's a little more involved than most people are willing to do, especially for children.

But anyway, glad to see you're still posting updates here as well. I'm currently developing a site in my freetime to hopefully consolidate what remains of the K'nex community across 'ibles, YT, and perhaps elsewhere. I'd like to create guides and other more blog-like posts there to help encourage activity beyond posting instructions. It'll be great if you can help out if I finally ever get around to publishing it. Otherwise, just keep staying active around here and YT so we keep K'nexing alive.

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Any updates on the site? At college at the moment, but would love to help in any way possible. I'm working on a CS degree so if you want me to handle any logic for the site or anything I'd be happy to as a side project.

I would build this but my Knex where stolen. The Knex gun community is pretty much dead IMO.

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Was away from home and someone broke in and stole about half of my knex.

Kyle_M, in some of the pictures i saw some black things on the white rods of the receiver thing, are those neccesary?

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They are not 100% needed however they do add strength and support. You can find them at K' parts and other newer sets.

Just finished the new modifications and the TR8 feels less flimsy and the trigger got less friction. I can’t believe you’re still here updating the gun, too bad everyone left the knex community.

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I'm happy to see you like it! Looks like your missing a few things from your pictures. You definitely need to use black rods and the tan rods will add a ton of stability to the design. If you can make the new firing pin too it is a huge upgrade.

I know i don’t have alot of black rods and i need a couple of pieces that you have. I have some O-rings for the pin too and ill chek out tthe video

oh wait sorry. you’re KILLERK? I thought it was just a random person reposting the TR8 lol. I guess im going to update mine

Yes I am KILLERK and the updates are certainly worth the build.