Toy Musket (non-firing) for Kids


Introduction: Toy Musket (non-firing) for Kids

Kids + history channel = "Dad!  Can you make me a musket?"

So this is a non-firing child's toy to be used with much imagination and only 1 moving part (ie the ramrod).

It's not a replica of a flintlock - there is no firing mechanism.

It's the idea of what a musket is for a kid to play with - you just pull the imaginary trigger and make the appropriate Ka-Blammo type noise, then go through the motions of pretending to re-load with the ramrod accessory.

If you know how to make a flintlock mechanism then give up your day job and become a gunsmith or send me an instructable - as long as it's not knex cause I don't have any of that.

But hey, it looks like a musket and the kids love it so there you go.

If you want an instructable for this one then let me know.



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    8 months ago

    could i have the instruction how to make it??

    Can you send it to me?

    Could you please send me the instructions at ? I need it for a school project due in 2 weeks

    Could you please sent the instructions to

    Thanks in advance!

    please send instructions:

    Please send instructions:

    please give instructions

    please send me instructions

    Yes please!

    Can you send the instructions? Thanks!

    Can you please send me the instructions, thanks.

    can you send this to me. I need this as a prop in a play

    can you send this to me. I need this as a prop in a play

    Hi, I am a part of a tech program for my high school's plays. I need to build multiple muskets for a part of the play and was hoping to get these instructions. please e-mail me at


    3 years ago

    My son is 9 and Love to have on of these. I would also love an instructable.