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I've been searching the internet for plans to make a toy garage for quite a while. in the end I couldn't find any so I decided to make one myself. The kids have been using it for some time now and I'm happy (and a bit proud) to say it's still in one piece :-)

Step 1: Dimensions

I made the whole garage out of one plate of plywood 120x60cm

I had the largest (straight) cuts made in my local DIY store.

All the dimensions are in cm.

Base : 50x60

1st floor : 50x60 (with a 15x50 cut out for ramp)

2nd floor : 30x60 (with a 10x50 cut out for ramp)

Ramp to 1st floor : 15x42

Ramp to 2nd floor : 10x42

Support pillars : 3,5x3,5x10 (3 pieces of 10x3,5 glued together)

The support for the first floor ramp was cut out with a miter saw and the holes were made using different sizes of a hole saw

Step 2: Construction

I started with cutting the pieces that weren't cut in the DIY shop. I made the cut-outs for the ramps with a jig saw. The railings were cut with a miter saw. Getting the angle for the ramps right was the tricky part. I used a miter saw to get them more or less right and then adjusted with a file until the angle fitted.

The support for the first floor ramp was measured after everything was put together and cut out with a miter saw. The holes were made using different sizes of a hole saw

(In the end I decided not to use the little blocks on the ramp because I think they might come of when used by my youngest (he's 18 months and has a tendency to use "the force")

Step 3: Painting

I used a primer to make sure the paint would hold. I painted the parts apart before glueing them together. Grey for the parking and a shiny yellow for the parking spots and waymarks. I decided not to put to many waymarks on so the kids can use their imagination.

Step 4: Glueing

After the paint dryed all I had to was to glue the whole thing together. All you need is some wood glue, a few clamps and some patience. I allways put a bit of wood between the clamps to make sure the clamp doesn't damege the pieces I want to glue.



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1 year ago

Those are some good looking stripes ;)


2 years ago

This is cute! I'd have loved this for hot wheels cars when I was little :)

1 reply

Reply 2 years ago

thanks, my idea exactly, I had one of those plastic ones which was also pretty nice but this one's gonna last longer, I hope...


2 years ago

This is so well done when I saw the first photo I assumed it was a 3D printer project! This looks great. What a wonderful gift for your children. I agree with Swansong. I loved playing with my brother's matchbox cars! Thank you for sharing your work!

1 reply

Reply 2 years ago

Thanks. The kids are really enjoying it.