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This is my cutest, easiest and simplest craft so far. A toy stand can be used as a kids' room decor. It can be converted into art/math/craft/recycle project stand, or an idol stand, photo frame collection stand, trophy stand etc.

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Step 1: Material

Collect a few cardboard boxes of same type and size. Or make a few of your own choice. You will need scissors, glue, paper and decorative tape, duct tape too. Some stickers to go with the purpose of this display stand.

Step 2: Let's Start

Close the tops of all the boxes to make them look like a cardboard brick using glue and tape. Arrange them like a staircase, pyramid, a large square or rectangle as you like. I have done a staircase arrangement here. Cover the same with colourful paper. Use tape to make the edges look good. Put your toys and projects on display in a corner of your room or workshop.

Step 3: Tips and Tricks

Image above is a suggested pyramidal shape.
Don't cut open the box.
You can put sticker to go with the purpose/theme of this staircase.

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