Toy Steam Boat Made From Recyclable Material

Introduction: Toy Steam Boat Made From Recyclable Material

What you need:
6 - 8oz cans
8ft of copper tubing
1- saw that can cut copper
1- large can (like an energy drink can)
1-two liter plastic bottle
1- role of duck tape
1- exacto knife
1- round stick about two inches in diameter.

1) Cut a whole in your large energy drink can.
2) Cut the bottom off your 2-liter plastic bottal. Then cut a whole big enough for the energy drink to fit and place it inside.
(this will protect the plastic from melting)
3) Curl flexible copper in to tight rings. It helps to curl it around something, like a thick stick. 
(you want the curls tight and as flat as possible. My pictures later on shows a stray curl sticking up in the air. This is bad as it cause the boat to go in a circle.)
4) Use a whole punched to make two wholes in the plastic bottal. Bend the copper so it fits into the wholes. 
5) Adjust the copper ends so the go at an angle down until they are level with the bottom of the bottle. Then bend them at a 90 degree angle so they are behind the boat but not hanging under it. (you don't want the tubing to drag when you put the boat in the water.) Saw off any extra tubing, making sure both sides are even (or your boat will tip)
6) Cut the bottom and top of 4 8oz aluminum soda cans so they look like tubes.
7) Slice the aluminum "tubes" down one side. Role it out to get a rectangle about the height of the energy can.
(these pieces are again to protect the plastic bottle.)
8) Place aluminium rectangle into the energy can so that it covers half the bottom of the can but sticks up over the plastic bottle. 9) Make reliefs marks in the aluminum and bend the edges of the can around the edges of the plastic bottle. Repeat for other side of boat.
9) Use duck tape to hold sharp edges down and prevent cuts later.
10) Fill the bottom of your boat with rocks (not to heavy). Then cover with another aluminum rectangle doing your best to make a flat surface's.
11) Cut off the bottom of a 8oz soda. Put a small candle in the metal cup and place under copper curls.
12) Screw the cap tightly on to the plastic bottle and duck tape shut. (You can use duck tape to shape the noise of the boat as you want it)
13) Get a stick about a foot long and tape a plastic bottle on each side. (I used duck tape but you could use rope or hot glue)
14)Cut two indents towards the frount of your boat so Your stick fits snuggle in between them.
15) Place the stick in the indents so the bottles are evely spaced on either side of the boat.Use duck tape or hot glue for a secure fit.
the top of the bottles should be facing the front of the boat.
16) Suck water into copper tubing then place boat into bath tub, being careful not to let the water out. 
17) Light the candle and be patient. It takes a min. for the water to warm up. 

Optional - Use the left over plastic from the 2 -liter and cut out a window shape. Cover the edges with duck tape to make a frame that match your sliver boat (or what ever color duck tape you used). You can also decorate your boat with other left over pieces. Like gluing an aluminum Pepsi logo on to the side.

The only think I bought personally was the copper tubing. Everything else was left over from Habitat for Humanity builds, including the duck tape. If you wanted to you could use colored duck tape for a different looking boat, you could cover the boat in aluminum or aluminum cans using hot glue instead of tape. You could also just forget about hot glue or duck tape and just leave the haul of the boat plastic although it might not stay together as well.

Copper tubing is hot when heated. Blow out the candle and wait half an hour before touching the copper. [I burnt my self a couple of times figuring out how long to wait :(]

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    This sounds really cool, but would be much easier to follow if you set it up as a step by step Instructable so we could match pictures to your instructions.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I would love to but I am new and don't know how that would work. In fact I wanted to do it that way but couldn't figure it out. This project is actually a "finial" for an art class so I didn't have time to learn the system. If you could give me some pointers I would appreciate it. I was actually going to redo the project. This was the first time I have done it and I really didn't go in the order I described. I think the order I put it in would be easier but wanted to do it over again with better pictures. I will update once I get that done.

    On another note the pictures are in the correct order (except for the first one cause I wanted it as the "main" pic).


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I agree with zaz, this sounds and looks really interesting and something Im sure the grankids would enjoy but it's difficult to follow