Toy Storage Unit




Introduction: Toy Storage Unit

Need more toy storage space but don't want to spend a small fortune on a storage unit your kids will most likely destroy? Make one out of old cardboard boxes!

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Step 1: Materials


1. Cardboard boxes, the number depends on the size of the storage unit. This unit used 13 boxes, we just moved and had lots of extra boxes. The boxes do not have to be the same size, though it does make construction easier and gives a uniform look.

2. Glue

3. Packing tape

Step 2: Connect All Your Boxes

I folded the flaps on one end down, you could also just cut them off. You can either assemble the boxes flat or standing up. This unit is 3 boxes wide so I placed 3 boxes together and glued the sides to each other. I did this two more times to create three sets of 3 boxes. I then placed the sets on top of each other and glued them together.

Step 3: Create the Back

You will notice the unit wants to fall over, don't worry! Now take your remaining boxes and place them over the back of the unit. I used the tape to attach the back to the sides and glued where the boxes over lapped on the back. Once the boxes are added to the back it should be stable enough to flip over and stand up.

Step 4: Fill With Toys

Your toy storage is complete. You can cover in fabric, paint, or contact paper, I decided to leave my as it was so my daughter could draw on it and decorate it herself. You can also use additional boxes inside the cubby holes to help hold more toys.

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    Great simple solution!