Toyota Corolla 2007 Dash Removal Instrument Panel Radio Console Snake




Introduction: Toyota Corolla 2007 Dash Removal Instrument Panel Radio Console Snake

I lost my snake in my car and I had to take apart the dash to get it out. My misfortune is your gain because I had my camera with me.
I got a little carried away and i'm not sure if i should post these separately or what but i took like half of it apart.

Basically what you need is a flathead screwdriver, pretty small size and thin enough
and a #1 and #2 or just 1 or whatever philips screwdriver you have.
maybe a butter knife if you want to try not to scratch it.
flashlight if its dark

Step 1: Steering Wheel Column

To take this off, first tilt the steering wheel slightly off-center.
You will see one screw on each side underneath the steering wheel.
When you are normally sitting you can see them.
There is also a screw underneath the adjusting plastic part.
You can take the top and bottom off like a sandwich.
Use a blade or screwdriver and stick it between somewhere where nobody will see if you scratch it
And pry
**make sure the height adjusting lever is open when you are taking them off
It helps if you go slow and try not to force it.

Step 2: Instrument Bezzel Plastic Thing

There is one screw on top, it is not the regular metal screw.
Mine was the plastic kind that expand when screwed in instead of screwing into the material it holds.
Those are weaker, and I think they will unscrew will little pressure but mine kept turning and never came out so i broke it.

In the picture it is upside down and you can see the way the screw holds it in there.
note the shape of the clips and the direction you should pull out.
such as bottom first/simultaneously

Step 3: Kick Panels and Ignore the Shitty Wiring

You don't really need this to get the top part off, but if you are taking the bottom out then this gives you access to the screws for the bottom. The bottom is connected to the fuse box as well, and there is a screw underneath there for ya.

First get the long ones off just pull it off straight up and be slightly gentle. If you want you can use a screwdriver to loosen it up, mines so loose i can use it like a lid, but in order to do that you would need to get it off the first time and bend in the locking parts, which can cause some trouble.

In the closeup you can see that it is a series of clips and the plastic thing goes in them. The metal clips have that inner part designed to dig into the plastic when you try to pull if off so take your time the first time to get a hang of it yanno.
It doesnt matter if you pull up the rubber part, they are all attached to the same stuff so its pretty easy to put it back just don't bend the plastic to its white point that would be bad.

get that screw thing that i threw away hella days ago thats on the triangular piece off
and it pretty much just comes straight out just pull the direction the screw is going, and up, on the other side.

Step 4: Shifter Cover

Stick something under the bottom front and pry it up enough to get your hand under there and then pull forward slightly to unlock the back and then lift up over the shifter.
*There are wires so be careful.

Step 5: Air Vents

Stick a screwdriver in a spot on the left or right or move it around
just pry it out it comes out so easy thats where i hide shit don't tell anyone

Behind the air vents, there are screws, those hold the top to the bottom, and pretty much allow you to take the top off.
I know it comes up and forward but i am not sure of stuff connected to it underneath cuz i didnt get that far, i only needed it up a few inches.

You can also see the screws deeper inside in the picture, and those are for taking apart the bottom half, but to do the bottom half you also have to take out the whole center console and everything, as the whole rest of the car is that single bottom part. f- that

Step 6: Center Console

Take out the center knob for the fan
unscrew the screw
there are 6 or something things sticking out that have metal caps all the way around the edge
its easiest if you pry all sides at the same time
careful not to hit the compartment components
mines looser because ive taken it off so much and i noticed that removing the metal things wont make it fall out but makes it much easier if you plan on taking it out again.
Except it might make noise more when you drive

also i know that the little piece underneath the e-brake comes out easily with one finger just pull it up.

This is pretty much all I did but I was tired and drowsy so i kept going and took apart my instrument panel and replaced the white leds with blue ones but i need to buy some brighter ones because the ones in the car for the panel and shit are BRIGHT ASS LEDS, large smd, and very sexy. easily changeable to any color just make sure u have a bright enough one, I had a 20mA smd and i'm saiyng you need more like a 300mA

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    1 year ago

    Heh... This is funny... I lost my snake one day, tore the house completely apart, and also got up in the roof etc. I couldn't sleep a wink! The next day he had his head poking out of my subwoofer lol cheeky bugger!
    Anyhoo... I know this post is years old. But I just wanted to point out that I can see the snake in step 2 photo 3! Lol! So you didn't actually need to pull the any more of the dash out!


    11 years ago on Introduction

    close the door,it is dangerous to drive with the door open


    12 years ago on Introduction

    was the snake stuck or hiding?? you could have put a whole tray of warm meat in the back seat and that would have drawn him out


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    haha OH THANKS FOR THE TIP someone should do instructibles for getting animals to do what you want because this snake was definitely hiding! He had been there for a few days already and i figured i should get him before i parked in the sun just in case, cuz my car is a little grey oven when the sun is out. I probably should have tried the meat, but i like to take stuff apart anyway i mean comon! Lol


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Hah, I did that once.. for five days untill it crawled out on its own...


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    I waited about 3 days and was thinking the whole time please dont lay a crap in my car. You can see my bud in one of those pictures (his name is bud)


    12 years ago on Introduction

    So - where did you find your snake? Asleep on the back seat? :-D