Toypedo Blast Safety Fixes



This Instrucable is to remove the two safeties built into this launcher that are often broken right out of the package or cause this toy to be thrown aside.  The two built in safeties make this toy be loaded underwater and fired at a downward angle.

First off, do not pay the 20 some odd bucks that the company wants for its product.  It has a faulty design and mine was not even working when I took it out of the package and followed the instructions.  You can get it at Big Lots and other bargain stores for about $5.

When mine didn't work out of the package, I looked up a YouTube video on why this was and based this 'ible after my findings which can be viewed here.

Step 1: Remove Screws

Remove the seven philip screws holding the launcher together.

Turn the launcher over and remove the top half of the frame.

Step 2: Remove Loading Safetey

Once the top half of the frame had been removed, you will see the loading safety held in place against the tube with a small spring.  Tug on this safety until in pops out.

Step 3: Remove Underwater/Downward Safety

You will next have to remove the trigger and unscrew the other safety by removing the two phillip screws located underneath the barrel.  The barrel is connected to the frame with two springs and can be moved back and forth to get a better angle at these screws. .After the crews have been removed, wiggle the safety back and forth until it becomes several pieces and is able to be pulled from behind the barrel.

Step 4: Putting It Back Together

Next, if you want the top of the launcher to still float upwards, break the foam off the safeties and place in the top of the frame.  These may block the barrel springs in the future and have to be removed but I have not had this problem yet.

When the trigger and barrel have been put back it their slots, take the other half of the frame and fit it over the top.

Turn over and replace the 7 phillip screws.  

Your launcher will now be able to be loaded without hitch and fired wherever and whenever you want!



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