Dark Knight Pumpkin With Free Stencil Pattern

I used photoshop and a screenshot of one of my favorite scenes..

I hand traced most of it or used contrasting tools.. anyways you can trace your own scene or you can use this Free Batman Joker pumpkin stencil based on a scene from the movie the Dark Knight.. Provided by your's truly (<--yes i'm trying to improve SEO lol) 

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Step 1: Print Out Your Design and Tape It Your Pumpkin

Print out your design and tape it your pumpkin and use a needle or something pointy to trace your design into the pumpkin

Step 2: Time to Connect the Dots Using an Erasable Marker and Carve

Time to connect the dots using an erasable marker

after a couple of hours of carving using an exacto knife and some carving tools... 

I used some LED lights to keep it very bright!!

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