Track Airplanes With RTL SDR and ADS-B!


Introduction: Track Airplanes With RTL SDR and ADS-B!

Learn to use a cheap RTL SDR (software defined radio) to receive ADS-B signals from airplanes flying overhead!  You can use this radio and some free software to track nearby airplanes in real time without using the Internet.  This is one of many ways to track airplanes with ADS-B.  There are many different radios and many different software options out there.  This is a simple way to get started.

I used a radio that uses the RTL2832U chip.  There are many of these out there.  Most should be under $30 and most should work.  These radios are designed to pick up European TV frequencies.  That function will not work in the United States, but you can do lots of other fun things with it!

Software Downloads:



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    The ADSBSharp link doesn't work. Please help me out on this.