Track Hidden Objects With Hints

Introduction: Track Hidden Objects With Hints

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Lot of hidden places around us with out do any risk around u. Especially in the bed room lot of places to hide jewelers and documents to protect it from theft. Lets see the some special places with a small game.

Step 1: Treasure Hunt

In the above 5 images I hide objects in a some items. I give u hints for each items. Find the answer and try to locate the place where i hide.

1) In1882, Philip Diehl invented me.

2) Open me to get ready.

3) What ever i did it never change its smile.

4) Small Water storage.

5) This brain makes our brain very lazy.

Step 2: Answer 1

In1882, Philip Diehl invented me - Ceiling fan

1) In the ceiling fan there are two cups. One facing down and another one facing done.

2) Don't touch the facing down cup. It contains capacitor and power supplies. Its very dangerous.

3) The top facing cup only for decoration and only supply wire flow through it.

4) A small screw found in on the side of the cup. Unscrew it to down the cup from ceiling. Place ur objects in to it and up it to the ceiling and re-screw it.

Step 3: Answer 2

Open me to get ready - When u want to get ready open the Bero to take dress.

But just put in the Bero make any one to take the objects very easily. Some tricks want to done here. For that the materials needed are

1) Polyethylene cover.

2) Magnets.

Steps to done

1) Place the important documents inside a polyethylene bag and seal it.

2) Take two magnets.

3) Place the documents below the steel bero and place the magnet below it on both sides.

4) Now the document is very safe.

For hide boxes or objects we want double side stickers. Paste the double side stickers over the object and fix the magnet over its and make it stick under the bero.

Step 4: Answer 3

What ever i did it never change its smile - Doll

Its very very simple, because now a days most of the soft dolls come with zip on the back side. Just unzip the doll and place the valuable items inside it and put some sponge over it and zip it again.


Check don't place very huge and weight objects inside the doll.

Step 5: Answer 4

Small Water storage - Toilet flusher

Items required

1) Air tight polythene cover.

2) Double side sticker.


1) Put your documents or currency in a air tight polythene cover and clse the cover.

2) Paste a double side sticker over it.

3) Take the objects and place a double side sticker over it.

4) Open the top of the Toilet flusher and clean it with dry cloth.

5) Paste the other end of the double side sticker to the inner side of the top lid.

6) close the flusher and place the hand wash and soaps over it.

Step 6: Answer 5

This brain makes our brain very lazy - Computer CPU

1) Unscrew the CPU screws.

2) Open the side cover of the Computer CPU.

3) U found lot of spaces inside the CPU. Place ur objects in side the cpu. Don't put and magnetic or conducting objects and don't fill up to cooling fan.

4) Close the cover and screw it.

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