Track and Lock Your Missing Mac With Track My Mac

Recently a new free anti-theft application for iPhone, Track My Mac, has appeared on iTunes. With this app you can remotely lock/unlock, track, and monitor a lost or stolen Mac, and even get a photo of the thief.

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Step 1: Installing Track My Mac on Your IPhone

To start the work you need to install the app from the App Store to your iPhone. After the app is installed, you can start the tracking process in 3 steps:

- Download the Mac OS app that runs in the background to ensure the tracking process (it’s free to use and doesn’t require any investments to use the anti-theft feature);

- Create one Kromtech account for your iPhone and Mac. There are two ways to sign up: either via Facebook or by using your email address;

- Connect your Mac with your iPhone and activate tracking.

Step 2: Reporting Your Mac As Lost or Stolen

- Launch the iPhone application and go to My Devices (you can connect the unlimited number of Macs).

- Launch the Mac OS app.

- Click Anti-Theft > Open Anti-Theft.

- Log in with either your Facebook account or email address.

- Activate the Anti-Theft Options and Screen Locker Options by choosing "Enable" from the drop-down menu.

- In the iPhone application, select the needed device to see its location on the map.

- At the bottom of the iPhone screen, press Report Stolen.

- Enter your mobile phone number and press Report As Stolen.

- After an automatic phone call you will receive reports with the current location of your Mac and with iSight photos.

- Don’t forget to report your Mac as found after the setup process.

Step 3: Logging in to and Logging Out From the Mac OS System Remotely

- Launch the iPhone application and go to My Devices.

- Select the needed device to see its location on the map.

- Press Lock Screen.

- Activate the Lock Screen feature by pressing “Enable” (now your Mac is logged out of the system remotely).

- To log in to the system, press Unlock Screen, paste the password of the Mac OS system into the Track My Mac application, and then press Unlock Screen.

Step 4: Getting the Anti-Theft Report With Photo of the Thief

- Launch the iPhone application and go to My Devices.

- Select the needed device to see its location on the map.

- Click View Reports.

- Two kinds of reports are avaliable in this section: Anti-Theft reports and Lock Screen reports. Lock Screen reports appear all the time when you lock and unlock your Mac remotely and during the login entry attempts.

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