Tracked Robot Bluetooth Controlled by Arduino Via Android Application





Introduction: Tracked Robot Bluetooth Controlled by Arduino Via Android Application

After trying to remote tracked robot by IR remote control.I have proceed to control same robot platform by Bluetooth

Arduino controller via Android application.This method is more reliable,longer distance,pretty Android application enhancement.

Same principle,low cost play and home level technical skill.Programming khownledge is not necessary.

Thanks for free download Arduino Bluetooth RC Car from Google play.

Project more :

You can purchase electronic parts from Aliexpress, Banggood, ebay,etc.

Step 1: Materials and Tools


1.Tamiya Track and wheel set.

2.Tamiya Gear box - Individual drive-two motors.

3.Tamiya perforated plastic plate.

4.Dupont wires 200 mm.

5.Arduino UNO.

6.HC-06 Bluetooth module for Arduino.

7.L298N Dual H-Bridge motor drive module.

8. 2-LEDs(Different color)

9. 2-Resistor 1 kohm. 1/4 watt.

10.Piezo buzzer.

11.Battery 5-12V.


1.Screw driver.


Step 2: Mechanical Assembly & Electrical Connecting

1.Assembly Track and wheel set as manual instruction.

2.Install Arduino UNO controller ,LEDs ,Buzzer,L298N motor drive module and battery on chassis.

3.Wiring all components together as circuit diagram.(In diagram,It's another motor drive module, I cannot find L298N device.)

Arduino pins to HC-06 :

0 - Rx

1 - Tx

2 - State

Arduino pins to L298N motor drive module :

10 - ENA

9 - IN1

8 - IN2

7 - IN3

6 - IN4

5 - ENB

Connect Arduino GND pin and L298N motor drive module GND.

Arduino pins to L298N motor drive module :
Connect power output to Motor A and B

Connect battery to Arduino controller and L298N drive module (can use battery up to 12V.)

Arduino pins to other parts :

Front light LED - 3

Back light LED - 4

Piezo buzzer - 12

Step 3: The Sketch Code and Android Application

Arduino sketch code :

1.Down load and install attached main sketch.

2.Upload sketch to Arduino controller.(Before click upload ,it's necessary to take HC-06 Bluetooth 5V. power off)

3.Open Arduino software serial monitor to see output.

Smart phone/Tablet Android application installation :

1.Use Android smart phone to install "Arduino Bluetooth RC Car" free application from Google play store.

2.Pair Bluetooth communication between smart phone and HC-06.

2.1 Scan device and pair.Password of HC-06 is "1234" from factory.

2.2 After paired ,open application and choose BT connection menu on application to connect between devices.

2.3 If communication complete,green light will appear.If communication not complete,red light will blink.Try to pair device again.

Test each functions on application to find wrong wiring or any mistakes during installation.Normally,software have been tested many times.It should not have any problems.

Let's enjoy!

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37 Discussions

Bro plzz anyone paste me a code for my arduino ,I have just built an car ,soo plzz help me up to my project of operating with my smart phn ,with basics like front ,stop ,back,left and right directions using bluetooth

1 reply

Can you check following circuit diagram,that correct or not?
Don't forget to connect the Ground between UNO and L298N.
The battery main power cable have to connect at L298N +12V terminal and GND terminal.
I wonder the serial monitor did not print anything.It mean the command from smartphone did not input BT and UNO.
See attached files.

2 replies

may i try ardiuno sheild for my board?

I have re-built the circuit again,I found a new problem that BT HC-06 cannot communicate to smartphone,I have search that someone advice to connect 3.3V to EN or KEY pin of HC-06 to activate.And I succeed to communicate with the App and run it perfectly.(See the VDO at )

About the shield, I think you have to modify the sketch according to the instruction of the shield's brand you will use.But I suggest to correct your existing project first.

I uploaded it successfully.and i paired it with my smartphone.but it dosent move.why is that?

5 replies

Can you open serial monitor to see what step it's doing ?
If you push forward it printed "forward" then it should go.
if motors quiet,there many possible problem of circuit connection.Can you check or take a photo?

PS.When the app on ready the light must be green.

when i pushed forward it doesnt print anything.i cheked l298 motor driver board and it works perfectly.ardiuno board is also working perfectly.this is my robot--


I wonder the monitor did not show anything,If the sketch uploaded correctly.It means no input to controller to execute.Can you check the circuit diagram there are something wrong between BT module UNO and L298N or not.

Perhap,you can try interchanging Tx and Rx at BT pin,possibly wrong data input to output.

See attached files.

bt circuit1.jpgL298N layout.jpghc-06.jpg

Could you check the phone paired with BT module or not ,It would ask password that usually 1234 or 0000?
If the device status unpaired the app will show red circle.

yeah i checked it all.then i checked my Bluetooth module with a hyper terminal bluetooth app.then i figured out this.i can send any texts to my phone via ardiuno serial monitor.But i cant send any texts to the serial monitor vi my phone.Is that a problem in Bluetooth module?

when I upload the code " An error occurred while uploading the sketch" comes
which version u used for coding??
or any other solution!??

2 replies

Geared motor and 360 degree Servo for robotic application.

360 servo.jpggeared wheel.jpg

another confusion
if I don't have those wheels and set can u use other motors and plzz say what is the rpm and voltage of motor I have to use

2 replies

You can apply on two geared wheel with one free swivel wheel.It acts like tracked robot. L298N can drive motor from 3-6V. This tiny robot use DC motors not over 6V. no problem.

if I don't want buzzer and led can I remove it?? without changing code??

1 reply

You do not install hardware,no effect at all,no need to modify sketch.