Tracked Robot Built

Introduction: Tracked Robot Built

About: Trash convertor!!!!!scrap unused will make it usefull

This is my home built robot 2.4ghz system with 1.5km open range led lights powerfull jhonson geared motor and many more specification
This robot is the winner of rdx robot compition in all terrian vehicle category
You tube link is given below for video

Step 1:

parts list

200rpm jhonson geared motor

2.4ghz trex reciver

2200mah 3s battry


30 amp firblade seris relay board

pheonix board



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    It uses track belt and the tractor wheel when need just unscrew four screw and change it to track belts or tractor wheel

    These pictures show two different kinds of wheels. How was the track made?

    watch this robot in action on a beach