Introduction: Tractor

About: Student and dancer. I study on the Universidad Panamerica at Mexico City. My carreer is about making a strong bound on Engineering and Design.

The objective of this project is to create a tractor for children from 3 to 8 years old, resistant, functional, with light, sound and reverse system, attractive to the eye and ergonomic.

Team project: Carmen Patricia Del Aguila Rodríguez, Mariana Velazquez Orellán, Sofía Erendida Casco Loeza, Ana María Carrión, María de la Paz García Pomar, Karla Jimenez Mehan.

Step 1: Axis and Polyurethane Foam Sugerir Una Edición

With the help of the 3-axis machine of the CNC, make profiles with the desired shape of the tractor. 3 polyurethane foam will be made.

2 profiles will be occupied in the same way but cardboard.

Step 2: Glue and Structure.

Once you have the profiles, they should be glued with white glue interspersed with each other.

When dry, cover the structure with a thick layer of the same glue.

Step 3: Cardboard Tests

With the finished structure, cardboard tests must be done to see its other components. Analyze how these and their dimensions work.

Step 4: First View

Step 5: FINAL

And it's ready!

Step 6: Team

Thanks for Watching!

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