Tractor Stool

My old tractor seat !

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Step 1: What Hou Need

- A stool

- Some screw

- Grey paint

- Black paint

- tractor seat

Step 2: The Original Stool

One day I found in a garage sale a nice stool.
The strucuture pleased me well, but not the seat ( wooden tray white melamine )

Step 3:

I then put in search of a tractor seat.

After etched with a compressed air blaster (there were at least 3 layers of old paint )

I applied a first layer of rust gray paint .

Then the special black paint to metal.

Applying too black, I managed to get a pretty cool effect.

Step 4: Finish

It remains only to replace the board by the tractor seat.
4 large screws countersunk head and that's it!

sorry for my English



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