Traffic Light Control Simple Electronic Project

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Traffic Light Control Simple Electronic Project

Step 1: Traffic Light Control Simple Project

Components Requirements:

There are quite a few components, which we will be using to make our Traffic Light Control System. Following is the list of the components.

9V Battery (Input Battery)100K, 22K and 330 ohm resistors1µF, 10µF and 2.2mF capacitorsSix 1N4148 diodes555 timer IC (As a pulse generator)4017 IC counter (Main IC of the circuit)1M Potentiometer (Controls the timing of pulse generated by 555 timer)Red, yellow and green LEDs. (Output)

Working Principle:
This traffic light is made with the help of counter IC, which is mainly used for Sequential Circuits. We can also call it as Sequential Traffic Lights. Sequential Circuits are used to count the numbers in the series.

Coming to the working principle of Traffic Lights, the main IC is 4017 counter IC which is used to glow the Red, yellow and green LED respectively. 555 timer acts as a pulse generator providing an input to the 4017 counter IC. Timing of glow of certain lights totally depends upon the 555 timer’s pulse, which we can control via the Potentiometer so if you want to change the time of glow, you can do so by varying the potentiometer, having the responsibility for the timing.

Read Full Story Here: Traffic Light Control Project Using IC 4017 Counter and Timer 555

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