Introduction: Traggi

Traggi is a lamp solely made out of trash and found objects. The objective behind this project is to contribute to the Open Design movement. "Open Design is direct descendant of the Open Source software philosophy, it focuses on a new economical environment based on the rethink of the old patents system and the esteem of design collaboration. Open Design movement is underlining a new way for more equal products accessibility and the diffusion of a sustainable new design process" (

The sketches show some other ideas for a table top lamp and the structure of how the lamp is made (some changes were made from the sketch during the process of making Traggi).

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Step 1: Materials

The materials I used to make my Traggi are:

Glass jar with a lid

Plastic cup

Clear laundry plastic cover

Semi-transparent plastic bag

Bottle cap

Big plastic cap

Mini flashlight

Cutting and sticking materials; glue gun, double-sided tape, scissors, x-acto knife, masking tape

Note that you're making a DIY lamp, so the materials can alter to your preference and circumstances.

Step 2: Step 1.1: Making the Lamp Head

Before we start, please know that all of these steps can be altered to your need. I am sharing the way I made my Traggi, so don't hesitate to make your own different from mine.

Step 1.1:

Cut the plastic cup in half length of the glass jar. Make sure to cut from the top not the bottom and keep both parts!

Step 3: Step 1.2: Making the Lamp Head

Step 1.2:

Make a hole in the center of the top part of the plastic cup with a x-acto knife. Pinch the center of the semi-transparent plastic bag and insert it in the top part of the plastic cup. The plastic bag should be big enough to cover the plastic cup inside out.

Cover the inside wall of the plastic cup with double-sided tape.

Step 4: Step 1.3: Making the Lamp Head

Step 1.3:

Cover the top of the bottom part of the plastic cup with a white masking tape.

Step 5: Step 1.4: Making the Lamp Head

Step 1.4:

Put the two parts of the plastic cup together and wrap the plastic cup with the plastic bag. You should be able to stick the plastic bag on the double-sided tape that is inside of the top part of the plastic cup. Distribute the plastic bag equally around the plastic cup so that it looks like the example above.

Step 6: Step 1.5: Making the Lamp Head

Step 1.5

Put double-sided tape on the top of the plastic lid. Stick the lid inside the plastic cup.

Step 7: Step 1.6: Making the Lamp Head

Step 1.6:

Similar to Step 1.2 & 1.4. Use the laundry plastic cover to wrap the plastic cup.

Step 8: Step 2: Making the Lamp Body

Step 2:

Make a hole on the glass jar lid and put the mini flashlight in. Secure the mini flashlight on the lid with glue gun.

Put the bigger plastic lid inside the glass jar and close it with the lid that has the flashlight attached to it.

(Step 2-extra)

If you have a shiny material or reflective material like a cooking foil, cut it to the size of the lid and stick it on the inside bottom. This will increase the brightness of the lamp.

Step 9: Step 3: Assembling the Lamp

Step 3:

Last but not least, very simple step for your Traggi. Put the lamp head and the body together and you are all done!

Step 10: Extra Photos

These are some pictures taken of Traggi.

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