Train Bonsai With Sugru

Introduction: Train Bonsai With Sugru

Instead of the standard wiring,
when branches need to be spread apart Sugru saddles can be molded to fit with bamboo scewers cut to length. Saddles are gentle on plant, reusable and versatile.

Step 1: Mold Saddles

Form saddles rolling scewer on inside of saddle. Making them the rough outside diameter of the branch it will be used for. Insert end into reciever area. Don't push all the way through . Once formed allow to cure over night where it won't stick to anything.

Step 2: Identify Branches

Measure the distance the branch needs to be moved using the scewer as a guide.

Step 3: Cut the Bamboo Scewer to Length.

Cut to the desired length considering the distance that needs to be moved minus thickness of both saddles.

Step 4: Install

Gently insert between branches. Should take a couple weeks or so depending on plant variety, health and environmental conditions.

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