Train Woodstove

Hand made from scrap steel. It's the little engine that burnt wood!

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Step 1: The Begining

Started with a 13" pipe and started taking shape from there.

Step 2: Taking Shape

Added some I-beam and worked out a smoke stack using 16ga mild steel

Step 3: Cosmetics

Crafted up some door hinges and other cosmetic things to decorate. The wheels were a bit to small for what I was going for. The plow was reworked until it fit the size of the train.

Step 4: Completed

This little engine wasn't complete until I got the wheels all sorted out. I added 6" pipe for the rear wheels and I think it finally tied it all together. Now it's a fully operable wood burning stove for any small home or cabin to take the chill off and look good while doing so.

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