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Introduction: Train Cake Topper

I have created a train themed cake for a childrens birthday party a while ago. After I was asked by several people how I made the train, I decided to make a tutorial. The train is made of marzipan. All parts are edible.

Step 1: Tools and Material

To make this cake topper you need:
- marzipan and food color (use a toothpick to add the color to the marzipan)
- a small paintbrush and metallic food paint (dark gold)
- modelling tools

Step 2: Basic Shape

1. Form a cylinder and flatten it to get a flat block.
2. Form a smaller cylinder and a cube and apply it on the block. Smoth the edges of the cube.
3. Make with the modelling tool a dent on each side of the block.
4. Form a cone and put it on the front part of the cylinder.
5. Mold a hole in the cone to create the funnel.

Step 3: Details Locomotive 1

1+2 Form thin strings of black marzipan and apply the around the funnel and on the cylinder.
3. Form the door frame and the door out of black marzipan and place them on each side of the train.

Step 4: Wheels Locomotive

1. Form small balls.
2.+3. Put them first on the ball tool and press them with the ball tool on the side of the locomotive.
4.+5. Form smaller balls and apply them with a tooth pick or an other small pointy modelling tool on the wheels.

Step 5: Details Locomotive 2

1. Shape a cone
2. Flatten it
3. Press small dents in it
4. Apply it on the locomotive

Step 6: Wagon

1. Form a cylinder out of black marzipan and flatten it to get a flat block. Put a bigger block out of blue marzipan on it.
2. Mold a cavity in the blue block.
3. Roll out a thin black marzipan rope and place it around the rim of the wagon.
4.+5. Apply the wheels the same way you did on the locomotive.
6. Form little hooks to connect locomotive and wagon(s)

Step 7: Finishing

Paint all the black parts except the door on the locomotive with gold food paint.
Fill the wagons with little marzipan pellets to add more details.

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    6 years ago

    Such a cute cake! Who will be hard hearted enough to eat it?


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Yay! Congrats on your first instructable!