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Introduction: Train Shelves With Nightlamp for Kids - My Christmas Gift

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This is my Christmas gift (one of few) for one of my boys.

This year Santa lets Rudolph rest and hitchhikes a Christmas gift train named Choooo! Next stop, Joris (name of me kiddo) station.

Following my previous instructable (airplane shelves for kids), I decided to build another one.

It is train (shelves + a night-lamp).

Locomotive chimney is a fixed lamp that rotates. So it is possible to illuminate any part of the room you like, dim the light by turning it away, etc. etc.

There are also 3 wagons - a passenger carriage and two platforms. All three serve well as shelves for toys, books or anything else.

I only used what was available without additional trip to the DIY shops - mainly OSB/wood dust board. Ah, but you can check it out  for yourself.

Materials needed:

7 x dust/OSB board pieces (20cm x 60cm)
1 x screwdriver (better if it's a battery operated one)
8 x holder to fix the train and the wagons onto the wall.
Some wood for the locomotive (needed parts can be cut out from dust/OSB board)

I used what I had, so there are no exact measurements nor any blueprint. The design is very simple, though.

Step 1: Constructing the Engine

This is very simple step.

1. take one of the 20x60 cm boards.
2. I had an end of a wooden stick left, but you can cut it from the board and fix it using screws or glue.
3. Two red "stoppers" in front of engine is from a broken baby walker. That thing on wheels you put baby in when he/she tries to walk. Fixed using 2 screws.
4. Fix the "engine" to the board using screws.
5. Fix the "chimney" lamp. Make sure not to damage the electric cord.

Step 2: Wagons - a Passenger Car and Two Others

Now, cut a passenger wagon from a dust/OSB board. I only made doors/windows from one side.

First, drill a hole, so that a fretsaw blade can fit into the gap. Alternatively, you can drill 4 holes, one in each corner of the rectangles, this makes the cutting task bit easier.

Assemble the passenger wagon - screws or glue - your choice.

Wheels are made cutting a round wooden stick, approx. 1,5 cm each in thickness

Two other wagons are minimalistic.

Step 3: Painting

I used the colors I had left from my other project.

You could also paint the pieces before assembly, that should make painting easier.

Step 4: Final - ChoooChooo! Next Stop: Joris Station ;)

Fix the whole thing onto the wall.

Few photos display how the lamp looks in the dark. If the light is too bright, you could use a weaker lamp.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

     my son loves trains and this will be a great holiday gift....thanks for the idea....what else do you have that's train-related....


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Not much I'm afraid, leeski. I made another project - airplane shelves.

    With these train-shelves you can improvise alot, though.

    I googled around a bit, and these might give some more ideas: