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Introduction: Training Board for Bouldering/climbing - the HangBoard

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If you're into climbing or bouldering it might be convenient to have a small training possibility at home to hang around a bit and do some pull-ups/combos. Of course you could buy a generic finger board but you will not be able to change the types of holds or the arrangement. And it's much more fun to build something yourself. :)
This homemade board will let you change everything and thus keep it interesting. Enjoy!

- 1 wooden board 
- 3 pieces of hardwood
- As many t-nuts as the number of holds you wish to mount and matching screws
- a set of different climbing holds
- approx. 10 nuts and matching screws
- material to bolt everything to the wall (anchors and matching screws)
- paint

Step 1: Building the Board

Cut out the size you want it to be and sand down the edges. Drill as many holes into the board as the number of holds you want to mount. The diameter of the holes should match the screws that you will use to attach the holds. Then let your girlfriend get rid of some aggressions and let her hammer in the t-nuts on the backside of the board.

Step 2: Wall Adapter

You want to have some space between the wall and the backside of the board, so the crews and the back of the t-nuts will not pierce the wall. I used three pieces of hardwood that act as the mounting at the same time. In the end, the hardwood pieces get screwed directly to the wall and the board will be mounted on the nuts in the hardwood pieces. Although you can of course mount the board together with some space holders directly to the wall (might be easier...).
I drilled some holes (1/3 as deep as the thickness of the hardwood piece with the diameter of the nuts and all the way through with the diameter of the matching screw) and hammered the nuts in it. The board can now be attached to these nuts from the backside of the hardwood pieces.

(in the first picture only 2 of 3 hardwood pieces are mounted!)

Step 3: Paint It and Mount It!

Now you can paint everything in the color you like and let everything dry over night. After it's completely dry, you can start to mount the holds in the pattern you like. Then take your time to measure where exactly you will have to drill holes for the hardwood mounting pieces. Once they're fixed to the wall you can mount the board and start training as long as you want! :)

WARNING:  Make sure that your wall can take the load and that your anchors and screws are the right size. If you're hanging on it and it comes down you will seriously get injured. Build at your own risk.

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    4 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Hi drextor, could you please put the dimension you used for this board, and the distance between two holds??

    Thanks bud.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Hi nayari

    Since I don't have the board in my house anymore (it lives now with a friend), I have to guess. It was approx. 100cm x 50cm.

    The space between the holds largely depends on the size of the holds you're using. They should be turned and exchanged with each other without touching. In my case the distance between the bolt holes was roughly 20-25cm.



    7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks. It really is a good opportunity to let your fingers toughen up a bit!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    That is totally awesome! I really want to do this, thanks for sharing!