Trampoline Frame

Introduction: Trampoline Frame

I designed a frame to stretch images printed on fabric. The frame uses laser cut interlocking pieces to create a sleek but durable structure.

Necessary items:

-Laser Cutter

-1/8 thick sheet of material. I used Masonite/Hardboard for this project but any material should work, some testing and rearranging of the cut lines may be necessary depending on the flexibility of the material



-4 way stretching fabric

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Step 1: Cutting

First you will need to cut the pieces.

Make sure you bring extra material to do tests on the laser cutter. The lines that create the living hinges on the corner can get hot and leave scorch marks if you don't find the right settings.

The frames size is very flexible because it is made of separate modular parts. I will be constructing that utilizes 1 piece across the top and 2 pieces across the size, but to increase the size of the frame, all you need to do is cut additional pieces of Part B and Part C

For the frame I will be making, I will be cutting:

-4x part A

-6x Part B

-2x Part C

-4x Part D

Step 2: Assembling Cut Pieces

The corners (Part A) will bend and fit into Part D.

After constructing the corners, I assembled the top side by attaching Part D to Part B to another Part D.

I assembled 2 of these to create the top and bottom of the frame.

I connected Part B to Part C to another Part B to create the left side, and made another for a right side.

I then attached the left and right sides to the corresponding connections on the top and bottoms respective Part D's

Step 3: Preparing Fabric

I used a 4 way stretch material available at any Joann's or Hancock fabric in their sport and dance-wear section.

I evenly spaced the grommets on the fabric. 3 across the top and bottom, 4 across the left and right sides.

Step 4: Weaving

I wove the rope through each grommet, going from grommet to loop in the frame and onto the next grommet. I always entered from the bottom and pulled through the top. Consistency here will make the frame look better. After making it through all the holes and back to the starting point, I pulled the rope and stretched the fabric. I then evened the spacing and tied the rope off.

Step 5: Hang on the Wall

Congratulations! You did it!

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