Transfer Music From IPhone to Galaxy S6

Intro: Transfer Music From IPhone to Galaxy S6

After a long-time wait, the Samsung has finally launched the Galaxy S6, together with the Galaxy S6 Edge at MWC 2015. Once published, it has received praises universally for its beautiful design, super-high resolution screen, excellent camera function, huge storage space and ultra-power saver mode. Many people cannot wait to change their old iPhone to a new Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge. As soon as you purchase a new mobile phone, one thing you need to do is to move all the songs you have downloaded in your old one to this new one. Given this, here I am delightful to show you a fastest way to transfer music from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S6.

Convenient Third-party Phone Manager

This Phone Manager is a powerful tool to manage your mobile devices. Comparing with other similar applications, its one big advantage is that it is perfectly compatible with both iOS and Android systems. It enables users to easily transfer all kinds of files including music, photos, videos, contacts, apps and so forth between smart phones and computer. Moreover, it can realize backup and restore with one-click which will save your worry of losing any important data. In this case, the Phone Manager is surely the best solution on how to transfer iPhone music to Samsung Galaxy S6.

Step 1: Download and Install Phone Manager on the Computer.

Step 2: Quick Transfer From IPhone to PC.

  • Plug in iPhone to your computer via USB cable. Tap “Trust” when a dialog pops up in your iPhone so that the app can read your iPhone files.
  • Launch the program. On the main interface, click “Music” tab. Select all the songs you want to transfer and choose “Export”. Select a folder to store them in.
  • After the exporting process is over, disconnect your iPhone.

Step 3: Fast Import From PC to Samsung Galaxy S6.

  • Go to “Settings > Developer options”. Check “USB debugging”.
  • Connect Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge to PC. Remember to tap “OK” to allow USB debugging.
  • After successful connection, click “Music” button. Choose “Import” and select music stored in the folder.
  • Disconnect your mobile device when it is finished.

Tips: When you open the application, a Connection Guide interface will appear. As long as you follow the guidance, the setup process is super easy.

As you can see, with the help of this awesome software, to transfer iPhone music to Samsung Galaxy S6 can never be any easier. And the transfer speed is quite fast. Within a few minutes, all the process can be done. You can have a try by yourself.



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