Transform Ubuntu 8.04 to Look Like Mac OSX

Introduction: Transform Ubuntu 8.04 to Look Like Mac OSX

For all of those Mac lovers out there, you know, the ones who DON'T have a few thousand to spend on one of those beautiful pieces of technology, and run Ubuntu 8.04, this is a theme+cursor+ icons+ lots more to transform your GUI to look freakishly like Mac OSX. (minus the dock...docks are problems....will work that out in the future.)



Step 1: Installing Icons, Cursor, GTK.

Right, so you download the tarball included at the bottom of the page, extract, and go to the "change desktop background" bit when you right-click the desktop. Select the "High Contrast Inverse" theme, Everything will be all inverted and crazy, but no worries, good ol' Ken will help you out.

Step 2: Customizing the Theme

Click Customize on the options, follow the pictures.

Step 3: Sudo Emerald Install

If you are new to the terminal prompt commands, or are jus ta bit rusty, we will be using the "sudo" command (super user do). This requires the root (admin) password to use, and gives yo ufull access to customization of your computer and all terminal commands. We will be installing something called "emerald" so the command in the terminal window looks like this:

sudo apt-get install emerald

when it asks for a y/n, type y to continue.

Download the Mac OSX Emerald Theme from this link:

Go to System -> Preferences -> Emerald Theme Manager

Click on import and point to the downloaded theme package from within the Theme Manager , you will find Mac4Lin Theme. Click on it, then refresh, then exit the program.

Step 4: Desktop

This is the wallpaper for Mac OSX:

(Or you can download the image I have put on the bottom)

Step 5: Login Screen

So you want the snazzy login screen that Mac OSX uses? No problem!

Go to System --> Administration --> Login Window
Click the "local" tab
Click "install"
Locate the tarball of OSX Theme.

Step 6: Dock Comes Soon!

Docking and the effects that come with it will come soon!

- Ken



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    23 Discussions

    Even though I didn't want to change my theme to Mac, you just told me how to change the login screens. Thanks

    I have created a guide to making a dock (aka GNOME Do "Docky") that can be found at this link:

    You may use it if you credit me properly.

    2 replies

    From what I've heard, this GNOME Do "Docky" is also more reliable then the Avant Window Navigator as it is exclusively for Ubuntu

    whenever i try a "sudo apt-get install" command, it always tells me that it couldn't find the package

    If you are using Windows Vista, look into using RocketDock as a dock. You can use ObjectDock but I find it to be clunky and less customizable.

    i cant stand rocket dock! i could never figure out how to customize it. RK L is easier because it just uses PNG files for its graphics and allows y'z and object dock docklets to be used.

    Uhhh...You don't need to click on the inverse theme. This instructable seems like it was written hastily and there are some details in the original tutorial that need to be included(like changing the window border). Follow the original tutorial from the link provided.

    Thanks, I will definitely check it out when I have some time. And yes, as soon as I have 4,000 dollars, I'll go buy a Mac Pro. For now, however, I can stick to my sleek and free Ubuntu OS.

    For those of us who like the look and 'feel' of OSX, but can't afford to shell out 1600 dollars for a new computer, this is a welcome Instructable! This doesn't change the operating system, just the themes, so this form of Ubuntu remains, as always, FREE OF CHARGE. I have an Ubuntu box running 8.04, and I like the silvers and grays of OSX over the browns and tans of Hardy. I did, however, leave the Ubuntu logo in the top left, and left the login screen the standard one. One thing you may want to try, even if you don't like the look 'Mac' look is Gnome-Do. Gnome-Do is a usable app launcher, similar to Quiksilver. Thanks to Gnome-Do and a few keyboard shortcuts, I rarely have to touch my mouse anymore!