Transform a Dog Crate Into a Side Table

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This is super simple but it's been one of the best and mist useful projects I've done so here ya go...


  • Dog Crate
  • Table top
  • Foam

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Step 1: Find Your Table Top

Find a table top to place on top of your dog crate.

Check out the "as-is" section of your local IKEA. That's where I found this piece that was almost the perfect size (I didn't even have to cut it) and it was finished.

But any nice piece of wood or material will work of course!

Step 2: Apply Some Foam

I wanted to easily remove the tabletop so I could take the dog crate with me when needed.

So instead of attaching the table top I just have it sitting on top and it works fine. Just attach some foam to prevent it from sliding and rocking around. Works great!

Step 3: DONE and Enjoy!

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