Transform a Utility Box

With some supplies and a brush I transformed a gray utility box into art. With a map as a guide I created large shapes and small shapes to create an abstract painting with a representational feeling of the place.


Biodegradable cleaner
Fine sand paper
Painters tape
Metal paint primer
Liquitex Acrylic Paint
Liquitex professional varnish
Liquitex soluvar varnish
Rages for cleaning box and brushes.
Professional paint brushes
Wood Palette
Jar for washing brushes

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Step 1: Clean Utility Box

Using biodegradable cleaner and couple of rags helped to clean the grime off this utility box.

Step 2: Sand Utility Box

Using fine sand paper I cleaned off any old bugs left on the box.

Step 3: Prime Utility Box

Covering holes and a lock with painters tape. I used easy to find metal primer from the hardware store to cover the box.

Step 4: Paint Base Color

I used professional Liquitex Acrylic Paint and chose a dark color for the base color. This helped pop the top colors.

Step 5: Paint!!

I started with large shapes and moved on to small shapes, Acrylics make it easy to paint on top of the large shapes because acrylic dry relatively fast.

Step 6: Varnish to Protect Painting From the Elements.

I used professional Liquitex Varnish and used two coats brushing left to right for the first coat and right to left for the second coat.

Step 7: Final Varnish to Protect From Graffiti.

If graffiti is painted on this top layer it can be cleaned leaving the professional varnish and painting unharmed.

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    5 Discussions


    Answer 7 weeks ago

    The key here is to use a professional varnish first and over that a soluvar varnish to top it off.


    Reply 7 weeks ago

    I use Liquitex professional varnish then on top of that I use Liquitex Soluvar varnish


    Question 7 weeks ago

    Was it your utility box or did you get permission? If so, how and who do you get permission from?

    1 answer

    Answer 7 weeks ago

    I was given permission. Check with your city planner, city counsel or local arts board.