Transform a Ps2 Steering Wheel Into a Wii Steering Wheel

Introduction: Transform a Ps2 Steering Wheel Into a Wii Steering Wheel

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In this instructable I will show you how to transform a common ps2 steering wheel into a wii steering wheel.
This wheel can also mounted on a table and give you reverse action.
Sorry for my bad english
I am from Hellas

Step 1: Things You Are Going to Need

A PlayStation 2 steering wheel
A Wii remote
Some duct tape
A dremel
Something soft
A screwdriver
A scissors

Step 2: Take Apart the Steering Wheel

Use a screwdriver to take apart the steering wheel
Then remove all the parts that are in the wheel

Step 3: Cut the Wiimote Socket

With a dremel tool cut in the front part a hole to put your wiimote
Be careful not to cut the hole wrong because you will destroy the wheel

Step 4: Make Sides of the Hole Soft

Whith the sand paper dremel tool or with a sandpaper make the sides as soft as you can

Step 5: Prevent Wiimote From Scratching

Put duct tape on the sides of the hole to prevent the wiimote from beeing scratched

Step 6: Put the Parts Back Together

Re-assemble the steering wheel and put something soft into the hole

Step 7: The Final Step

Put the wiimote into the whole.
If it is not fit then widen the whole a little.

Step 8: Usage

You can now use the steering wheel in 2 ways
1st.Not screw the helm back to the main body
2nd.Screw it nai mount it on a table so as you do not get tired when you play a game

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    2 Discussions

    I have this steering wheel, it is a computer une and has fuul force feedback. Sadly my little brother broke it.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    You know mine is a ps2 one but there is also a pc model.
    By the way, I am sorry for your steering wheel :-(