Transform a Silent Hammer

Sometimes, dislike the voice of the hammer is too big? Don't worry about it. Let me help you

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Step 1: START

First of all, take a few dollars at a hardware store to buy a hammer,a ordinary hammer, like this

Step 2: Processing of the Handle

Then, on the hammer handle to tie up the black tape, in order to prevent slippery and shockproof, what I use is woven of the insulation tape, like this

Step 3: PUNCH

After, began to hammer head of production, in the middle of the hammer head drill a 5 mm deep small hole, as shown in the black part of the drill hole

Step 4: Install the Hammer Head

Installation of spring and the hammer headr, as shown.

Warning, not too soft

Step 5: FINISH

After the completion of the is like this

Power will not diminish, because according to the kinetic energy theorem, E=½mv²,additional quality of hammer head is small, the energy loss can be ignored.

Step 6: Thanks for Watch

Now, congratulations to you on having a Mjolnir(Thor's hammer)

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    You used hot-melt adhesive to glue what? There's a major detail left out. I would considering taking something like this serious if I had a clue specifically what is going on. The devil is in the details.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I'm intrigued, but a little confused. What exactly did you install on the head of the hammer? Can you elaborate a bit on how it was fastened, too?

    1 reply