Transform a Small, Worthless LED Flashlight Into a More Compact One.




Yeah... The lightshow part is kinda a lie.
But you know those crappy 3 led flashlights they give out everywhere?
Take one of those apart to make it more compact.
Yes, my camera is broken so the pictures are minimal.... meaning I have 2 of them

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Step 1: Get Your Stuff

What you need
1 roll of trusty teal duct tape
1 mutilated led flashlight
1 momentary pushbutton switch (not shown, can be a homemade switch)

Step 2: Put It Together

Take the LED and tape the two wires to the CORRECT sides of the two batteries
Tape the LED down
Tape the momentary pushbutton switch to the other side of the batteries.
Wrap in your favorate color of tape
Push the button to operate, release to stop.
Wasn't that easy? and now instead of a stupid plastic case, you have TEAL DUCT TAPE!!!!!
Pushbutton not shown in picture.

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    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    You dont even want to know how bored I was to make something like this. I might have done it with button cells, but they didnt have enough power.