Transformation LED Floor Lamp Using Gearbox Parts

Introduction: Transformation LED Floor Lamp Using Gearbox Parts

Modification LED floor lamp - too small- to the desired size, using gearbox parts.

I have gearbox (damaged), too small (for me) floor lamp and one idea.

Step 1: Necessary

1. Floor lamp

2. gerabox from car (gear)

3. angle grinder

4. drill with metal brush

5. paint

6. plastic clips

7. welder

8. metal angle

Step 2: Preparation

Separate gearbox for parts what you need.

Select the best.

I chose this as the picture. Weld then togheter.

Step 3: Next Step

Prepare angle as pictured.

Connect angle with gear - using welding.

Clean all - drill with metal brush and/or angle grinder

Step 4: Connect

Connect base with floor lamp.

I used plastic clips.

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