Mini Folding Workshop and Outdoor Living Area




With very little space for a garden workshop I decided to make one that folds away. 

The awning, whilst giving me rain cover in the workshop also gives the family and I somewhere to sit outdoors.  The hedge and corner situation of the workshop also act as a wind-break.  Those living in the UK are all too familiar with cold breezes pinching the skin of a summers evening ;)

The entire job cost around £250 including extra tough paint for the frames.

So's to make the drain accessible while creating a usable space I put a removable floor panel / splash stopper. Garden tools are stored here in the narrow cupboard enclosed by a 3rd door on the left hand side.

Having made entirely sure that all is weatherproof I have since installed outdoor sockets and lighting in there as well.

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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Very nice use of what little space you had. I feel you on the children moving back, I recently got two daughters, grandkids and significant others back for a bit until the houses are ready! While I wouldn't trade the time with all of them for anything, even with most of their belongings in storage, they take up all kinds of space! lol I would love to have a little space like that just to get away from it all and tinker. Thank you for posting.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice design and a good job. Thanks for sparing us the swear words.

    I like the cat door and the folding benches.