Transformers Carrying Case: Blaster

Introduction: Transformers Carrying Case: Blaster

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When the transformers go to conventions, we usually need to find someone or someplace secure to house our belongings (wallets, cellphones, extra clothes, etc. In an effort to create a Transformer themed carrying case, I created a hollowed-out "Blaster" carrying case. It actually plays music !


-wireless battery-powerd speakers
-mini magnets
-plastic mesh
-Angle brackets
-bondo or spackle
-plastic moving pads
-Hot Glue
-door hingen
-clear plastic or Plexiglass
-printer/ thick papper
- Eva Foam

* a Dremel would make this project easier. 

Step 1: Wood Frame

You are going to make a wood box in the shape of a rectangle. Screw together the front, back, lid, bottom, and ONE side. keep the other side open thus far. 

Top/ Bottom- (2) 26 x 10
Front/ Back - (2) 26 x 12.5
Sides - (2) 10x 26

Step 2: Outlines and Speaker Holes

1. Once the box is fully assembled, start drawing the outlines on the box. 

2. Find something circular (I believe I used a roll of masking tape), and draw out your circles.

3. Cut our your circles. I used a drill to poke in an initial hole, and then used a sander on a dremel to smooth it out.  

*The handle pictured was originally intended for something else. 

Step 3: Face Details

1. measure and cut out a square for the tape deck compartment from a thinner piece of wood. Then cut out the trapezoid from the center. glue in the plexiglass or plastic.

2. took a bottle cap and glued it in to the face of the boombox. bottle. Paint this section now, because you are sealing it. 

3. Glue in that plate to the front. 

4. Cut out the various elevated platforms. There seem to be an elevated portion under the speaker holes, and then 2 right under the tape deck.

5. Bondo the top and bottom edges of the tape deck so that you can create an "ramp". Just sand it smooth. 

Step 4: Handle

1. Cut two small squares on the top of your box where your handle can fit into. I carefully used a dremel and some sanding tools for thistask

2. assemble the top and sides of your handle.
  • the top is 19in  x 1.5in  x 1in
  • sides are 5 in x 1.5in x 1in
3. insert handle into box

4. screw in bottom of sides. 
  • Bottom of handles are also 5in x 1.5in x 1in
*i put in angle brackets on the underside angle of the handle. 

Step 5: Cassette Buttons + Door

Cassette Buttons
i had some extra wood from the handle, so i used the dremel to sand down the edge. I then used the dremel to cut in lines.

1. attach the last remanding side to the box through the use of a door hinge. 

2. on the inside of the box, add some wood to act like a fence.

3, Instaed of a latch, i used strong little magnets. 
  • Drill little holes into the side and also the "fence"

Step 6: Grooves, Details, and Paint

  • I used the dremel to cut in the outlines. 
  • I added some wood for some elevated panels on the tops of each speaker
  • added a button out of a bottle cap.

Step 7: Final Details

  • Use the eva foam and wrap it around the handle. I used the dremel to cut in grooves.
Plastic Mesh
  • glue in the black plastic mesh on the inside of the speaker hole
  • Glue in the speakers.
Last Details
  • I downloaded the entire Transformers soundtrack so that it can play while we cosplay. 
  • I used photoshop to create the decals. 

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    5 years ago

    I'm going to make this with my dad I can't wait look like a great project