Transformers Earth Wars Game Tips!

Introduction: Transformers Earth Wars Game Tips!

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Transformers Earth wars is a mobile IOS/Android Clash of Clans Esque Game set in the transformers Universe (80's tv show style! love it!)

If you want to play the game i added a link to Step one that will take you to the App Store via your Mobile ios/android device and let you download it ITS 100% FREE!!

after you begin playing get your HQ to lv5 and watch my videos on Defense setups and attacking and you will do just fine!

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Step 1: Download the Game HERE!!!!

Tap This Link on your IOS/Android Device to download the game its 100% free!

if you already have the game then Ignore this step and goto step 2!

Step 2: Get Your HQ to Lv 5 and Watch These Videos!

Basically you need to protect your HQ if it goes down so does the rest of your base (kinda like boom beach)

make sure not to cluster your buildigns after HQ6 as there will be some nasty AOE combo's that will take out clustered defenses

and when attacking make sure to take out enemy buildings in this order

Beam Laser


laser turret

the beam laser can wreck even the strongest warrior bots (optimus/megatron) fast so it has to go!

otherwise thats all i have for you thanks for checking out this instructable!

make sure to sub my youtube channel from one of the videos!

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