How to Make a Transformers: Megatron Prop (Gun Mode)

Introduction: How to Make a Transformers: Megatron Prop (Gun Mode)

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This is a tutorial for a Megatron Gun. My friends and I are going to cosplay to the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) this year, and i thought it would be nice to have a prop for one of the villains. 

Apparently, Megatron transforms into a Walther P38.
(I always wondered why Megatron was so small as a gun, but so large as a robot. Answer is he can actually change his mass when transforming.. just in case you wanted to know. =)

Materials used:

- Broken super soaker gun 
- PVC pipe
-PVC connectors
-Different sized tubes
-EVA Foam
- funnel
- hardening putty ( i used mighty putty)
-hot glue

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Step 1: Base

break apart the supersoaker. I was fortunate enough to have a dremel, which made the chopping so much easier.

You should be left with the picture below. However, do NOT discard the chopped pieces. 

Step 2: Barrel

1. get some PVC pipe, and attach the adapter to the end of it. i used my rotary tool for my dremel to saw out a rectangle on either side of it.

2. cut your tube to a desired length, and then take some cardboard and make caps for either end that your PVC pipe can fit through. 

Step 3: Barrel + Base

1. Cut out the middle section of your super soaker so that the PVC pipe will fit inside. I drilled a hole on both sides of the gun, and I used a screw to secure the pvc inside. 

2. take some EVA foam and start wrapping it around the barrel.

Step 4: Scope

1. get some pvc and glue it to the inside of the discarded super soaker piece. 

2. get a larger tube and put it over the end of the PVC (you can wrap the PVC in foam first if it is super loose).

3. use some of your hardening clay ad wrap it around the ridge, so that it gives a "bell shape" to the front half of the scope.

4. take some pvc and stick it to the other end. 

5. use the other portion of your discarded super soaker

6. . cut a funnel down and glue it to the other end.

7. cut down a EMPTY aresol can.. or use whatever fits.. and attach it to the end of the funnel. (if you use something metal like a can, you can cover the edge with some foam so it isnt sharp)

so in order from left to right (picture below) 
Cardboard tube + PVC  (clay to join the edges to make a bell) + intact super soaker piece + PVC + intact super soaker piece + funnel + empty aerosol can + foam on edge. 

Step 5: Stability Handle + Details

1. Get a 45 degree PVC adapter and cut it so that it will fit on the end of your gun handle.

2. get pvc pipe, cut it to length, and insert.

3. get another PVC adapter.

4. use your cardboard and cut out 3 oval shapes. Bend them at each end, and glue them together.

5. now you can add any other details you want. I added a few little triangles to the end of the barrel, and 2 little shapes to look like a hammer of a gun. you can add more details as you wish.

Step 6: Primer + Paint + Decals

1. It is always good to primer the whole thing.. since PVC and plastic dont always take paint so well, i suggest always having some type of base that paint can go on. 

2. the color scheme is just black and silver/ aluminum. 

3. I found some Decepticon decals and printed them off on some black labels. so now they are basically stickers.

That should be it! enjoy. Pew Pew Pew

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    cool i allwas wonderd how megatron transformd in to a gun and was so smeol