Transforming Autodesk360 Panoramic Image "Automatically"

Introduction: Transforming Autodesk360 Panoramic Image "Automatically"

The "cubestack" image on the left is the original output from one of the sample panoramas on Autodesk360. The author claims no credit or ownership of the image. The 2 sets of images on the right represent transformations of the left image. Again, no claim of ownership. I'm only trying to share a method of image transformation.

Step 1: Save Out Your Panoramic "cubestack" Image.

Save out your panorama from Autodesk 360 cloud. BTW, "cubestack" is not the official name for the image format that Autodesk is using. I made it up, having never seen that arrangement of cube face images before.

Step 2: Download PTStitcher.exe & Pano12.dll...

...using the power of the internet. It's easiest if you drop a copy of them in the same folder as your saved image. They are small enough.

Step 3: Helper Scripts

Save these two helper scripts to the same folder. Decide what type of image(s) you want to create: 6 individual cube face images or 1 equirectangular image. Edit the appropriate file. Substituting the place holder input image name with your cubestack image name (or change your cubestack name to match). Drag the helper script file onto PTStitcher.exe. You will be prompted for a destination and file name. Do not add a file extension.

Step 4: Final Image

PTStitcher will churn for a while, creating temp files in your destination folder. If everything works properly, your final image(s) will be created and the temp files will be removed.

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