Transforming Batmobiles and Robin Motorcycle

Introduction: Transforming Batmobiles and Robin Motorcycle

Hi everyone this year 2012 we decided to do transforming Batman and Robin costumes.  Since  the 2011 transformer costumes turned out to be a great success we decided to give it another shot.  Well I always come up with an idea that includes trios or group projects.  So I had a Dark Knight Batman with a transforming pickup truck, a Robin character with a transforming motorcycle, and a Blue Batman with a corvette. The costumes were made out of cardboard boxes.   I must say the hardest part this year was trying to make a transforming motorcycle. Again big shout outs to my husband who once again opted out of being a part of my ideas, but yet he managed to cut out and design each vehicle. Thanks to the local stores who are always willing to donate all the empty boxes. And to Home Depot, Loews, and Sherwin  Williams who always has oops paint for $5 or less.  The cost of this project was less than $60.00 I ordered the costumes off of eBay.  The boys had a standing ovation once people realized that little kids were inside of the boxes. In the photo you will see the boys on a stage and then they transformed to their vehicles.. Thanks again for watching and I hope you enjoy !!! 

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