Transforming Bedroom


Introduction: Transforming Bedroom

My goal for this design was to include all the modern convenience in a small well designed and efficient room. I got inspiration from my favorite Designers: Roy Benjamin, Verdu Pierre & Denat Alexandra

Also I live in Indianapolis and would be able to go to to the Wanger Family Fab Lab.

Step 1: Design the Room

I first made a list of everything I wanted in the Room This includes a

3D Printer

I then sketched out ideas on my desk with a dry erase marker

My final design was a room with a movable mid-wall and transforms the room into two functions.
1. A bed, toilet, sink, and storage
2. A workstation with a desk, computer, and 3D printer
With a bike and TV being accessible no mater which function.

Step 2: Model in Sketch Up

The next step was to model all of the elements of the room in Sketch-up to scale.

Step 3: Put Everything Together

Finally I put all of the elements together in the room which measures 16' 10" by 11' 3".
To do this I had to make the bed and desk fold up to the wall.

Step 4: Final Design

After adding some color this is my final design.

Improve Your Room Youth Design Challenge

First Prize in the
Improve Your Room Youth Design Challenge



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    You should design a studio apartment... Just sayin'

    This is a clever use of limited space. Would be nice to see it built.