Transforming Dirge

Introduction: Transforming Dirge

 This instructable will show the transformation of the decepticon named Dirge.

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Step 1: Transformation Pt 1

Allow Dirge to stand on his engines and remove his guns from his backwings.

Step 2: Transformation Pt 2

Separate the body from the legs by gently pulling the body up from the legs to make him stand tall. After that split both of the legs from each other. Now flip down the feet so that he may stand straight.

Step 3: Transformation Pt 3

Next fold in the two wheels on his chest. After pull the back wings on his back and turn them backswards.

Step 4: Transformation Pt 4

Now onto the chest area. Pull the nose cone as far as it gets. Pull out the arms from the center and take out the hands.

Step 5: Transformation Pt 5

Pull the nose section from the center downwards, rotate it so the cockpit faces toward the chest. Next push that section right in the center of the chest. Push his back so that it is connected to the body and finally turn his head.

Step 6: Transformation Pt 6
For the final step, place the two guns that were on the wings in the spots in his shoulder blades and that is how you transform the Decepticon Dirge.

Step 7:

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